Items Every Successful Golfer Needs

Golfing today is more than a recreational sport. It is a display of your ability to look like a pro even if you can’t tell a wood from a putter. Being seen with the right accessories will enhance the suave impression you want to make. We’ve narrowed the endless options to a list of just seven items that every golfer should carry. With these in your bag, you can enhance the ambiance around the course as well as make your mark in saving the environment. Whatever accessories you carry, jump start your game by chugging the product of a good juicer for extra energy.


Portable Speaker

Observation of golfers on the course indicates that players enjoy their favorite tunes as they replace divots and wedge their balls out of sand traps. A popular addition to the game among the middle-aged participants trying to recreate their youthful vigor, classic rock is everywhere. Starting with an iPhone, you can connect with one of the many portable Bluetooth speakers to blast your tunes. Priced as low as $30, with great sound, JBL Clip, HMDX Jam Plus and Bose Soundlink are some of your options.


GPS Device/Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder

Today’s serious players demand an electronic rangefinder. Both laser and GPS devices, priced from $200-$500, can help your game. Some don’t even need a to be charged or have a subscription.


Golf Rules Book

While the official USGA Rules of Golf Book is essential in settling disputes on the course, it’s a bit bulky. Substitute the handier pocket-sized Golf Rules Quick Reference guide. This plastic-coated tool gives you rules at your fingertips, even offering a quick-reference chart on the outside of the booklet.


Golf Ball Stencil

golf ball stencil

Whether you want to add a personalized design or simply add a straight line to aid in alignment, your balls need a stencil. Tin Cup, priced at under $20, is an indestructible device offering 135 standard designs as well as custom personalization.


Multi-Function Ball Mark Repair Tool

No matter how good a golfer you are, you will need a tool to help you repair divots. A great one is the Mark Mender that not only serves to mark your ball but also provides a way to easily repair ball marks. A bonus application is as a cigar holder, or even a rest for your grip to avoid the dew in those early morning games.


Alignment Rod

To further the impression that you’re a pro at this game, an alignment rod is called for. Even if you don’t use it when warming up, its presence is a must. The importance of aligning your shots can’t be underestimated, so using the rods in play is a smart move. One rod you might like is the Tour Stick, available in a choice of designs for under $16.


Epoch Tees
Evolve Golf provides these composite tees that are both biodegradable and resistant to breakage. Available in different sizes, the design is touted to make the most of spin control and accuracy